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Cupcake Hero August Entry!

I wish the pictures were prettier.... I had grand intentions of doing a Chocolate Jalapeno cup....but couldn't find any fresh Jalapenos. Weird...and my garden didn't yield any either. So I called up my Dad, who just happened to have ONE little jar of some Jalapeno jelly he made a few years ago. I mixed up my favorite 'base' cupcake recipe. And 'sandwiched' the jelly in the center of the cups. Viola'! The frosting is ..well it's a bit of everything. It started out as a creamcheese frosting, then I put some pineapple in it (thinking pineapple salsa), some more of the j-jelly, and had to add some shortening to get it to hold up. It tasted good though. Here is a shot of the inside. My j-jelly sunk to the time I do a jelly center, I'll heat the jelly a bit first. Overall? Well...first let me state that my brother and my husband were too chicken to even try it. Ok... I liked it. It was weird. It wasn't something you could eat 10 off,…

Pecan Pie Mini-Cupcakes

Image has become one of my new favorite blogs to lurk on. I'm not exactly sure HOW I got there, but once I found it, I think I spent about 2 hours ogling the food porn. There are SO many things on there I want to try to make...but this little gem really stood out to me! Pecan Pie Mini-Cupcakes...seriously?! Is it true? Can you really have the ooey-gooey goodness of a Pecan Pie in the palm of your hand? Why yes, yes you can! SUCH A simple recipe too! Only 5 ingredients! I didn't tweak it at all. (from 1 cup chopped pecan 1/2 cup AP flour 1 cup packed brown sugar 2 eggs 2/3 cup butter, melted (I used the big ol tub of spreadable margarine so it was that consistency instead of clear melted-worked fine) Mix all ingredients. Spray mini-tin with non-stick spray. Fill to 3/4s. Bake for 18min at 350 degrees. I'd guess you COULD use mini-liners if you'd like...but spraying the tin worked fine for me. Beware...these little suckers are a…

BlakeMakes YouBar giveaway feedback

Thanks to I got FREE youbars (courtesy of !! I'll admit...I have one left in the fridge (it's recommended you keep them in there, since they are fresh/all natural). So I'll let you know what I thought of the 3 I've eaten. (ratings 1-5; 5 being best) First I had the honey cashew one...this was the one I was most excited about. (the top one in the picture) rating:3 It had GREAT honey flavor!! But a little too health bar-ish. Kinda like a protein bar. It had a neat texture the nougut in a Snickers bar. Second I had the BlakeMakes bar.(the one in the green wrapper) Rating 5 I loved it! Very granola-y (I know that's not a word) had all sorts of nuts and fruits..and I really loved it! Third was the Chocolate Date one. (the red wrapper) Rating...2.5 This would have had a higher rating...but it stuck to my teeth like crazy! It was a bad choice to eat this one as a snack at work! I really enjoyed the f…