Just cause

can we tell I'm in an avoiding mood today? Can there be such a thing as an avoiding mood...well there is...even if I just made it up. I found the following little food survey on a random link I clicked from the Foodie Blogroll (click for original). Coke or Pepsi? whatever it is..I prefer Diet soda. In my lame attempt to count calories, I've become addicted to it. Thick crust or thin for your Pizza? Thin. I used to be a devoted 'pan' style gal, until I found out from a former PH employee they use 3 CUPS of oil per ONE medium pan style. gag. Rare or Well Done for you steak? Well-ish. Not Medium well...Well-ish. I don't want it to be leathery and really hard to chew, but I can't handle much pink at all. Hot Dogs or Hamburgers? Hamburger..well no..CHEESEburger. Ketchup or Mustard on your hot dog? When I do Hotdogs..I have to have Eckrich brand. Yes, I'm that picky (I'm Eckrich all the way on bologna too, and I"ll only eat it fried)-and um..I like Miracle Whip on my dogs. I'm not adverse to a good Hebrew National at a baseball game..and in that case..mustard and relish. Wow..did I even answer the question? Cake or Pie? Both. I can't lie...my baking roots started in Pie, but I do so love Cake as well. Brownies with a fine, glossy crust, or soft cake brownies? um, neither. I like chewy brownies. Nuts in the brownies? No, thank you. Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream? Vanilla soft serve, but Chocolate otherwise. I find that Vanilla that you buy at the store tends to get foamy quick (blech). I love a good homemade any flavor though. Blue cheese or ranch dressing with your Buffalo wings? Blue when I can get it. But Ranch will do in a pinch. Soup or Salad? Salads mostly. Depends greatly on the soup. At Olive Garden...I go all out and get both. I love their Zuppa Toscana. Butter on your Popcorn? Yes, please. I want it drenched. Pork or Beef barbecue? pulled pork/beef brisket. I'm a bbq fan. Coffee or tea? when I'm at work I'll drink a cup of coffee. I love herbal teas, but I'm really too lazy to make them. Beer from a can or a bottle? NOT a beer gal generally. Again..at a baseball game,but even then not usually. Oreos or Hydrox? Oreos...ALL the way...anything else is a faux-reo. Little Debbie or Hostess? yes please. LD's got it on the Oatmeal Creme Pies, but Hostess and their Orange Cupcakes...dang. Bacon or Sausage? I heart pork. Both..and plenty of it. Eggs Scrambled or Fried? Yes. Seriously..if I weren't so into baked good..I really could be a pro at the Adkin's diet. I'm tagging anyone that thinks it's fun enough to post it themselves.....


Ivy said…
You're so funny!
I love the Kitty/cupcake picture too!
Ditto about the drenching of popcorn!
Grace said…
i'm addicted to diet soda, too, but the thought of miracle whip on a hot dog makes me a bit queasy. :) you're a riot--i enjoyed your responses.
L.E.R said…
i would definitely have to agree about the ice cream--vanilla soft serve is the best!
susan said…
oreos all the way?!
*high five* :)

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