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I'm always excited when I see a giveaway on a blog, and almost always enter....and I've won a few good things..(which reminds me I need to post about the cool number tray from Blakemakes I won..put that on the list of to-dos) I thought I'd join in...I know I have some faithful friends that read my blog and I'd love to share this with them. Also..I came across the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival it's so cool! I've canned pepper butter for the past few years..and it's awesome. I mean,not tootin my own horn..but it's good. I've blogged before that it's like mustard and relish got together and made a love child. It's a banana pepper base, spicy sweet, and good on about everything. My favorite things for it are turkey sandwiches and the photographed club cracker. I've also tried it on chicken and pork roast..both good! The winner of this giveaway will get a pint jar of the Pepper Butter! My only requirement is that you let me know how you like …

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Iron Cupcake: CHEESE

Double C cups (Carrotcake Cheesecake Cupcakes w/Pineapple Cream Cheese Frosting) it's a bit of a repeat blog post, but I have made them before, and again, and again. You can see the original post and recipe here!They truly are one of my favorite creations...I do so love cream cheese. ...and where it was a bit of a safety play...they always come out great!I'd love to win..(the bragging rights alone would be awesome)..but there are also some GREAT prizes!! Art on the Menu cardboard cupcake art Lots of Sprinkles cupcake earrings A t-shirt from Bakelove Bakewear Also..prizes from the corporate prize providers! Head Chefs from Fiesta Products, Hello Cupcake by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson, A Jessie Steele apron, the Cupcake Courier (seriously guys..I really need one of these!), and a Taste of Home cookbook! Oh..and as always..IC is sponsored by 1-800 flowers.Voting begins October 26th at NO ONE PUTS CUPCAKE IN A CORNER and it runs through October 30th. There are multiple co…

Not food-Giveaway.

Let me just admit I am a HUGE fan. In fact by the end of the week, I hope to be on Etsy myself toting my scrabble tile pendants (of which I'll do my own giveaway and will share, I promise!). I happened upon this really cool giveaway here. These rings are really cool! You can see my favorite on this click. I have to apologize for the lack of non-posting lately. It's been a cluster at our house..but stay tuned. I've been baking up all sorts of nummies to share! Coming soon: Mini Pumpkin-caramel cuppies Pumpkin bars Philly-cheese steak baked potatoes and whatever else I come up with!