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Progresso giveaway!!

Below is a picture of the gift basket I got in the mail yesterday. I'm loving the research group that I'm part of...and as part of opens me up to do giveaways for my readers! I'm very excited that Progresso is offering this! My local grocery actually carries it, so now I don't just have to envy Rachael Ray and her stock in a box, I can have my own thanks to Progresso! Also Progresso is making it easier to create your favorite holiday recipes with the introduction of all-natural Progresso Chicken, Reduced Sodium Chicken and Beef-flavored broths. Progresso’s broths are 99% fat free and contain no preservatives, artificial flavors, or MSG*! They even come in convenient, re-sealable 32oz cartons. So for 3 lucky'll get all pictured in the photo..except the actual box of broth...but don't be sad b/c you'll be getting a coupon to get a 32oz carton FREE!! All you need to do to for entry in the giveaway, is message me (make sure to leave a c…

I suck!

I'm sorry I've dropped off everyone! Esp Ivy (I swear, the pepper butter will be mailed THIS week)...but do you ever have those days, weeks, MONTHS that seemed to just explode? That's what's been going on with me! Never fear...I've got alot of yummy pictures and food stuff to share...and another giveaway coming up soon!

Cat competition

We've got 7 cats. (That's didn't read it wrong...7 cats now) I guess it's a goal of mine to get a picture of each one with a cupcake. Although I think the picture of Trump in the header on this page is my favorite..b/c he really looks like he's savoring the cup...this one of our kitten Tangelo with this mini cup is awful cute too!

Winner winner!

The winner of the jar of Pepper Butter is Ivy..from LittleIvyCakes! Thanks so much to everyone who entered! I had alot of fun doing this Bloggy giveaway! I can't wait for the next one! I haven't dropped off the cooking wagon...but I will be taking a baking hiatus for awhile..not to fear though..I have alot of catching up to do on recipes that I've not posted yet!