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Iron Cupcake!

*crickets chirp* That's right kids, I didn't get it done for November. The theme was cranberry...the only thing I could really come up with would be putting some sauce in the middle of a cuppie and go from there...but I kinda did that with the jalepeno challenge. *sigh* It was a busy month...and I've neglected my blogging, and my baking (although my waistline still doesn't show that). Enough of my pity party..and onto the point of the post... I feel like a politicial campaign, and I know we're all sick of those-but just to let my cupcake constituents know-I fully support your vote for I Heart Cuppycakes!! I voted for her, and I think you should as well! Not only is she supa-dupa creative, a blogging buddy of mine, and an owner of cute bunnies...she's a ffaaahhhaantastic (in my best Dr. Cox from Scrubs voice) baker. How do I know this? Well....I make her red velvet cupcakes all the time and they are the best ever. I tried a couple different recipes for Red Vel…