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Strawberry Ice Cream

So, um yeah..I made this on Valentine's Day, and I'm just now posting it. Why? Eh, laziness I guess. I'm blaming ALOT lately on the fact that I'm SO ready to see some springtime, so sick of snow, and so pregnant. It's a bad combo! But what helps? Ice cream! I was going to make chocolate covered strawberries for V-day, but the Hubs annouced he wasn't a fan...and really..neither am I...I can eat like one..then I'm done. So I opted for a cooler *rimshot* application! Suzy's Strawberry Ice Cream 2 cups whole milk 1 cup strawberries 1 cup sugar 2T lemon juice 4 oz (1/2 a block) cream cheese 4 oz sour cream Stem and cut up your berries and put them in a bowl with 3/4 cup of the sugar and let that sit for about an hour. This let's the sugar and the strawberries get all cozy and gooey. After that hour dump your berries into the food processor and get it all smooth. Before you remove the strawberries go ahead and put in the sour cream and cream cheese int…

B/c I really want it!

A new favorite blogger of mine is hosting a giveaway....a scandalous book (literally!), an apron, some truffles (That she isn't gonna eat b/c she's giving up sugar for lent)...she might as well just send all the goodies to me! Check out Southern Belle Mama's giveaway! Btw...I got my trash kicked by the other entrants of Cupcake Hero this month, but I thank you all SO SO SO much for the votes!! I'm excited to see what next month's ingredient will be!!

It's time to vote!

CB cracked me up with her caption under my entry! I'd be really flattered if you'd go vote for me HERE!

Cupcake Hero: Olive Oil

When CB threw Olive Oil at us for the ingredient this month I read it with a sigh and an eyeroll. Olive oil? Really? Seriously? No...I don't want to do it. *shakes head* But the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea...I use olive oil ALL the time, but I'd never thought/dreamt/imagined using it in a sweet application! So I guess I have to apologize for the eyeroll CB! Chocolate cupcakes (Made with OLIVE OIL) w/ raspberry cream cheese frosting Oven at 350 degrees 1 1/2 cup ap flour 4 T cocoa powder 1 cup sugar 1 t baking powder 1 t baking soda 1/2 t salt (sift together) In a separate bowl- 5 T Olive oil 1 T white vinegar 1 t vanilla 1 cup warm water Mix together, but don't over mix! Pour into cupcake liners and bake for abou t15-20 or until toothpick test is clean! Raspberry Cream Cheese Frosting- 4 oz cream cheese (softened) 4 oz butter (softened) 2 cups powdered sugar (sifted) 1 T (approx) Davinci Raspberry syrup Cream cheese and butter together, add sugar and syrup and whip it…

Turtle Cheesecake Cookies

So has anyone tried making the cheesecake cookies yet? If they aren't on your "to bake" list...they need to be! In the meantime one of husband's co-workers gently challenged me the other day to try to do a 'chocolate cheesecake cookie' I thought about it...and I thought about stuff I had in the pantry...and I came up with this little goodie! Tweaks to the original recipe...easy peasy! In the cookie dough, with the 'dry'-add in a 1/2 cup of cocoa powder. Then instead of filling with cherry pie filling (Or other nummy fruit) fill with 1/2 T of caramel ice cream topping and some crushed pecans. After they cool drizzle them with melted chocolate (which I suck at, does anyone have any tips on making drizzling easier for me?) and toss some more of those pecans on top! I think as far as family and coworkers go...the Turtle variation got more raves than the original cherry! Personally I like the HUGE contrast of the tangy fruit and the sweet cookie..…

Chicken Taquitos

I'm a bit of a stalker. There...I admit it. And recently I found a new person's blog to oogle and drool over. Her's. So I'm looking through her posts the other day and I see the quesadillas..."yum" I think..and even more yum, I HAVE the stuff to make those..but wait...I have corn tortillas, not flour...a quesadilla on a corn tortilla? Eh....not sure about that..and I kept looking...and then she had a post about chicken taquitos....brilliant..and I wouldn't feel so bad about eating them. Even though I'll admit it, I'm a pregnant lady and I'm not watching it like I should anyway... so....let me present to you...Suzy's Stalker fusion food...I took Stephanie's quesadilla idea and her taquito idea and I interweaved um' (ha, I totally get a vision of Pauly Shore in Son-in-Law with that phrase...anybody with me? anybody, eh..ok). Chicken Taquitos 3/4 -1 cup shredded chicken (I used what was left of a rotisserie chicken we had…

My first fondant adventure!

So a girl here in town that was having a baby sprinkle caught wind that I made cupcakes on the side and asked me to make some for her party. Flattering!! I asked her what she had in mind, and if she had specifics on what she wanted them to look like..she sent me a picture...and it had fondant cut outs. *chews nails* Fondant scares me. Or at least it did. I promised her I'd do my best and I got to work. Lesson 1-it takes ALOT Of brown coloring to get THAT brown. Lesson 2-it didn't stain my hands too bad. Lesson 3-it was alot easier to roll out/cut than I thought. Lesson 4-if it gets a little tacky or sticky just toss down some powdered sugar. Lesson 5-let them dry out a bit. Lesson 6-it takes alot LESS pink to be pink! Lesson 7-adhere together with water. Ta-da! Here are all the pretty babies all dolled up with their little fondant cut outs! A dozen minis and a dozen standard. They were a hit at the party! I'm so glad the new mommy enjoyed them, and glad to have anot…

Banana Blueberry Muffins

So I had no clue what to make for dinner the other night. None...I wasn't really hungry, but I was..and I didn't know what I was hungry's a curse sometimes being a girl AND being pregnant. I was lamenting to husband that McDonald's or Taco Bell sure would be good...but he mentioned breakfast. It's kind of our pinch hitter. When all else fails you can always eat a quick egg sandwich, right? He mentioned bacon and muffins, I mean surely we had a muffin mix around the house right? So I got off the phone and started searching the pantry for a mix...and I searched, and I searched. I'd never made muffins(from scratch). I guess I felt like if I did I'd be cheating on cupcakes. I wasn't sure if it would be hard, or easy..I was nervous...and since I was now smelling the bacon in the oven (my preferred way of cooking it) I was finally getting hungry. The muffins were EASY to make (dare I say even WAY easier than cupcakes) and they were really good…