I have a problem...

...with coming up with 'short' recipe names. No really..like this one...what is it (besides utterly delicious?) *takes deep breath* Cajun turkey sliders (?) with sauteed onions and peppers on rolls with homeade (do you see that, wth is that?!) um..HOMEMADE Thousand Island dressing and cheddar. See...WAY too long! A few years ago..and by a few I mean like 15, which is weird to be since I'm only 27 that I'm sounding like my parents talking about 'so many years ago' (notice how off track I am today)..Arby's had a Southwest Chicken Sandwich. It was AWESOME. Onion bun, thousand island, crunchy onions and green bell peppers and subtely spiced sliced chicken...and cheddar...HEAVEN. The best sandwich they've ever had! Do you hear me ARBY"S?! Bring it back! On and off through the years since they discontinued it, I've remade it the best I could. Most of the time with the stuff it originally had on it. But we all know that I'm a fan of working with what I've got...so I did. Mini Southwest Wannabies Turkey-whatever kind you like, I used just Oscar Meyer that I bought at Sam's Club Dinner rolls Cajun seasoning-I used Tony Charere's, I use that on everything (esp veggies, it's amazing on green beans) shredded cheddar cheese 1/2 an onion sliced and sauteed along with some bell pepper-I used red and yellow baby bella (another Sam's Club thing) Thousand Island dressing-that I made myself Sprinkle the turkey with some Tony's and warm it in a pan (or in the microwave, makes no difference to me). Get a sheet pan and put your dinner rolls on it, and on one side put your turkey, onions/bell, and cheese-butter the other side of the roll-you'll thank me for that one. Pop it under the broiler until the cheese is nice and melty-get it out and top with the dressing. Yum, yum, gimme some! Thousand Island dressing (adapted from cooks.com) 1 can tomato soup 1 cup Miracle Whip 1/2 cup sweet pickle relish 1T lemon juice 1T mustard 2T onion, chopped sugar, to taste, you might not even need it, but Hubs added a little bit to ours. Now WHY did I make my own dressing. Well..not to get t-totally green/hippie/ etc .BUT I made the mistake of looking at the ingredient list on some boughten (Yes, we use that 'word' in our family) dressing and it was scary...too many things on there that I didn't know what they were. So...I made it myself, and you know..it's really good. Same with ranch using HV powder..I made some last night using 2% milk so it's really thin...love love it!


Anonymous said…
You're giving Arby's a run for their money!!!
Kara said…
Anonymous was me, Kara (MyWellnest) hahah

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