Cat hate...

Soooo a couple weeks ago my cats (we have two) were acting like complete jerks. Typically they get a little food in the morning and a little food at night when they get put away downstairs (we put them up at night b/c my cat-Tapioca is a hellion at night and had a tendancy for breaking things at 1am). Well...again I say they started being jerks. When it came time for bedtime, they wouldn't go. They'd scoot under the bed, they'd avoid us at all costs...and when we could finally catch them they'd scratch and fight.. not typical behavior of them. So I nixed the a.m. feeding so that way they'd be ready to go to bed when it was time b/c bed would equal feeding time. However Trump-my husband's cat..continues to act like a douche. Example....grabbing random things off the counter and dragging them about the house. Today's victim? My half full bag of powdered sugar I didn't put up. Trail from the kitchen to the hallway..and that white thing? That's my daughter's socks..he carries them off and chews them up.
My counter and part of kitchen floor....
The Prick himself, apologizing later. Don't let that face fool you.


LMAO...cats are evil!!!

This is what happened at my house:
sweetybird09 said…
Yes as your other poster says they can be evil, we both have cats named Diesel...he eats cords and recently ate a shoe lace and it came out both

Gotta love them...

LOL, you called your cat a douche! LMAO!!!!

But in all seriousness, that's crazy! I can't believe they drag stuff around the house!

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