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Lately I've become fully obsessed with two things... 1) Bitchin' Kitchen. Seriously. She's gorgeous, she's crude, she cooks amazing food, and she makes funny faces at the camera. I LOVE Nadia G! She makes me wish I was canadian...and italian...and thin with always matching pumps and fingernails. And I l.o.v.e. her kitchen...esp the vintage knobs on her cabinets. I DVR every episode and watch it a few times through...and I always find something new that makes me laugh. I'm even thinking of starting Hans' training that he never quite gets into-but it has SOMETHING to do with 5 sets of 15! He's exactly what I imagine Quinn in the Sookie Stackhouse series would look like! Anyway...we get the cheapest option on our Dish network, so we only get Cooking channel like every other month-but if you get Cooking Channel..WATCH her. You'll love her! source 2) Our new family member. Beauty. I wanted to change her name, but nothing else fits..because she is abso…

How about High School?

I'm going to go back to how I ate in High School. Sounds weird right? But no, really. I've heard people say to teenagers "you can't eat like that forever!" And yet, here I am...28 years old and thinking that's the way to go! Why? Well.... -high school lunches: premade portions + daily salad='s I ate a salad EVERY day. And most of the time I'd move whatever was in the big spot on the tray to a smaller spot and get a bigger salad. I also had at least ONE serving of low-fat milk daily with my lunch. I say daily...but weekdays is what I mean. -sweets ONLY on a rare occassion. Birthdays-yes. Random high school spirit day-yes. Even though I worked at the local grease pit that had ice cream..I didn't eat it everyday! This, my friends, is why I'm pushing Husband to let me open a bakery-because THAT way I'd be able to be around baking everyday and wouldn't need to bake to eat. I could bake to feed OTHER people. :) I know there was more to my …

Golden Chicken Stroganoff

Really..ONE of these days I'll get a camera that actually makes my food look appealing...because THIS meal...ROCKED. And rocked hard!
Golden Chicken Stroganoff
2 chicken breasts, butterflied then cut into thin strips
1 onion-chopped
1 1/2 cups chopped cremini mushrooms (or any probably would do)
some oil
seasoning salt black pepper
3/4 cup sour cream
Very quick and easy... oil in a pan onions in oil until soft (but not colored)-add mushrooms-add black pepper-cook until golden.
Remove veggies and add a little more oil season chicken with seasoning salt put in pan and cook until golden Add mushrooms and onions back to pan Add 3/4 cup of sour cream...mixy mixy.
And yea...that's it. No really...that's it. I served ours over brown rice, and along side some cheesy broccoli, and a simple salad.

 Even though Dad hasn't seen any results on his scale (they have an old school black doctor's scale) I can tell by looking at him that he's lost some weight. It come…

the start of something...

Am I the only one that saw faces in my breakfast??So my venture into ONE-derland was short lived...b/c the scale said 205.8 this morning. *gulps* Obviously October was NOT my month. It's the first and it's a Monday so my initial mentality is to jump on some bandwagon...and I'm going to. 70lbs is NOT a small number. But it can be broken INTO smaller that is what I'm aiming for. I've got a wedding in May to get ready for, and another next October. I know it's ambitious to want to lose weight in November (Thanksgiving) and December (Christmas)-but I'm gonna try. I'm gonna try the journalling thing this time around. Writing down EVERYTHING I eat and drink. I'm still breastfeeding a certain blue eyed boy, so I can't be as gung ho with cutting calories as I 'need' to-but we'll see how it goes! It's harder to post lately because this.... demands alot of attention..this is a shot of what happens when I'm on the compu…