Friday, June 25, 2010

I strive for balance...

strive..but don't always accomplish..I think that is alot of my fatty problem! See this?- Ohsheglows turned me onto banana soft good. A frozen banana, a handful of pitted bing cherries and a very small splash of vanilla into my food pro until smooth...delicious, nutritious, creamy, dreamy, Yum.
But then I find websites like Big Red Kitchen....holy..if you haven't been there, go there, book mark it and TRY, just TRY not to make everything. It's all easy, and so far it's all so good...the above 'pie' is a BRK as are the sliders below!
Not only were the pie and sliders AWESOME, they are super simple..which is just what I like!
Cookie Dough pie
package of Chips Ahoy
container of Cool Whip
1 cup milk and 1 cup coffee together
Get a pie pan-do a 3 second dunk on a cookie, shake off the excess, put in the pie pan. Line the pan with the dunked cookies. Break off pieces and squish to fit. Then put on a layer of Cool Whip. Then do another layer of dunked cookies and then top with Cool Whip. Pop into the freezer.
I took this to work on Wednesday and my Boss had two pieces for breakfast, then a piece for lunch. He LOVED it!
Another on the easy peasy train...the Psuedo-White Castle sliders. They really DO taste White Castle-y, White Castle-sque. Seriously good. :)
2lbs of 80/20 ground beef/chuck
dried minced onions (I used a 12.5 oz little container)
seasoning salt
6-7 slices of American cheese
package of dinner rolls/potato rolls
Oven at 400-
Take a 9x13 baking pan and dump the dried minced onions in the bottom. Then pat the meat on top of it. Yes, this will make a weird big rectagular patty. Top that with some seasoning salt (however much you'd like) and put in the oven for 25 minutes. Pull out and blot. No..I mean BLOT. The 80/20 has alot of um...juice (Read-grease) that needs to be sopped up, so have the paper towels ready. The 'juice' also is really good at rehydrating the onions so it gives it the good WC flava! Top with cheese slices and put back in the oven for 5-10. Take out and slice into little squares (to however many dinner rolls you have) this technically should get you about 24 sliders.
I toasted my buns with a little butter on a hot griddle then made the sliders.
Wow...yum...they go down a little TOO easily b/c I ate three before I knew it...then I walked away. I had to walk away or I could have eaten three more, right then, without even breathing!
So there you go..that's my ratio..1 healthy to 2 NOT healthy. :)
Tonight my BEST friend is coming for dinner, so I'm gonna try to go all out with the good food, and SHE's in charge of the White Russians! Yum!
Happy Friday and Happy Weekend you guys!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

so freaking cute.

makes me sad summer is over.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

mushroom somethingoranother...

This was another dinner of "what's in the fridge/freezer, no I haven't gone to the grocery yet, so let's pilage the pantry". Or WITFFNIHGTTGYSLPTP. But trash can dinner sounds gross. I kinda like pilage the pantry though..maybe I'll go with that? Aaaannnnyyyway... Puff pastry, mushrooms, onions, cottage cheese, pork and beans, and cheese. Yes..pork and beans is on the list. I'm on a fiber kick, and we already know I like beans. So I take cans of beans, in this case it was pork and beans...I pick the little weird piece of meat out and rinse the beans, then use them in various stuff. this is how I put this together- Puff pastry-one 'hunk' out of the two hunk package (there was actually only ONE left anyway). I thawed it and unfolded it and baked it about 1/2 way done. Took 2/3 cup of cottage cheese and ran it through the mini chopper to make it more ricotta consistency. Added some parm (out of a bottle), some lemon zest, and some italian seasoning-slathered that on the 1/2 done puff. Topped with sauteed mushrooms, onions (that were almost to a carmelized point), and 1/2 of can of my beans. Oh..and some mozz. Baked it for about 20. time I'll totally bake the puff and just broil to melt the cheese. It would have made a great party appetizer if I/we were party people. I don't esp think it's a bad thing that I'm very fridge creative, it just doesn't always turn out delicious. As much as I love going to the grocery story, I avoid it. Basically b/c I know that I LOVE to grocery shop. Like Carrie on Sex and the City loves shoes. Seriously. I know that basically everything in the grocery store will make me feel better b/c food is my drug of choice. But I'm trying to clean out the freezers (yes, plural) a bit. Last night the Husband got a little miffy b/c I didn't fix a 'formal' dinner (*gasp* you mean I'm NOT Donna Reed???). I made bacon. That was it. He got home later than normal, I'd worked my normal 8-5 and the kids always have rough Mondays b/c they go from having Mom (me) from Thursday-Sunday, to having my Mom watch them. So the infant is always fussy on Mondays, the toddler is good for my Mom then freaks out with excitement when I get home, so Monday dinners aren't always an easy deal. With the bacon..I had a BLS. Multi-grain sandwich thin, mayo, lettuce, bacon, and salsa (I didn't have tomatoes-but the salsa thing REALLY worked!)-I also ate the rest of the cheesy corn from Smokehouse BBQ. It's probably better that I NEVER know the recipe b/c that stuff is sooooooo good. Today I had a couple cups of coffee for breakfast, and a whole wheat english muffin w/ a little butter. Lunch is in the work fridge and it's a salad with a little cheese, and some quinoa (new obsession), w/rinsed chili beans, and salsa. more thing. I'm gonna start going to the gym..soon. I had this block in my head that was saying "No, don't go to the gym, that's more time away from the babies". And yes it is. And yes, I feel sad about that. But right now. I don't like myself. At all. I literally shudder when I look at myself in the mirror. My self esteem is rock bottom. My weight is at an all time high (yes, I know I just had a baby 3mo ago, but that isn't a good enough excuse for me). So I'm changing my way of thinking b/c I know that if I go to the gym/lose weight/feel better-I'll be a happier Mama, and THAT is what my babies deserve. So stay tuned for gym horror stories..oh..and more food and randomness from me.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Overnight Oats

Just like with the Green Monster, I'm the last one to jump on this band-wagon too! But Whoa! New love! Well..old love rekindled? Let's see.. I LOVE oatmeal. Instant, old fashioned, all of the above. I do NOT love-cooking oatmeal. In fact I hate it. I never leave myself enough time in the morning to make now with this little trick..I'll be eating my oats ALOT more often! 1/2 cup old fashioned oats 1/2 cup milk 1/4 cup yogurt Mix it up and put it in the fridge. Then sometime in the night, while you are asleep the Oatmeal Fairy shows up and is able to open your fridge w/out the light coming on, and she climbs in there and does all the work of cooking them, and the clean up, then she wipes her little brow and flies away. In the morning you are left with some seriously creamy oats that taste great! What? You don't think there is an Oatmeal Fairy? I used Little Lady's 1% chocky nilk (that's 2 year old for chocolate milk), and some Boston Cream Pie yogurt. Topped it off this morning with some dark chocolate almonds that I ran through the mini chopper, a palmful of Fiber One and a drizzle of honey. Paired that with a toasted Sandwich Thin and my hot coffee. Yum. I'm totally satisfied! So what's up for this weekend? No sure yet will be laundry..for real this time..and cleaning...say it with me..FOR REAL THIS TIME. Little Man is sleeping and Little Lady is happily watching PBS. On the food front I've got mushrooms I need to use up and some puff pastry. Oh..and I also had an idea last night for some we'll see if any of THAT gets done! Tomorrow we might hit up the zoo if Husband is able to scoot out of work early, and Sunday will be filled to the brim with the Fathers! Are there any other band wagons I'm missing as far as "healthy" food goes?? Have you tried Overnight Oats? If so..what are your favorite mix ins?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bean burritos

Easy dinner made from leftover beans! 1 cup of beans 1 cup of rice (cooked) 1 cup of salsa a-cupa, cupa, cupa! Oven on 375 This made 6 burritos. I just laid out the whole wheat tortilla put a little beans, but a little rice/salsa (I mixed them together), dash of cheese. Topped with a little more cheese once they were all wrapped up. Bueno! They were suprisingly light for bean burritos...must be the whole wheat tortilla! I had mine with a side salad (just bagged salad w/homemade hv ranch). I'm out of spinach and green monsters for the past couple days. I can REALLY tell it in my energy and my mood! I feel so much happier when I drink them..and I find that very strange. I did a 2 mile Walk Away the Pounds Dvd while the kids napped..despite the fact that I REALLY wanted to nap with them! Now I've got energy that I need to be using on laundry and dinner for tonight! I'm gonna go hop to it!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some things I need...

1. a silpat, although I use parchment paper and that works fine. 2. new highlights, but they can really wait a few more weeks. 3. to lose about 60lbs, but that will take some time. 4. a piece of personalized jewelry with my babies names on it... notice THAT thing I need doesn't have an excuse for me to wait for! Right now there is a giveaway going on at Kitchen Belleicious and I REALLY want to win...but it's up to fate right? Unless you want to use YOUR entries to put my name in there..just sayin' *wink*. I have a Lisa Leonard ring with my daughter's name on it, and I love doesn't fit right now (see #3) and that is sad to me. When I was pregnant I wore it on a chain on a necklace, but now that Little Man is here, I don't feel like it's fair to just wear something with HER name on it and not his too. Also..random..but I'm on Twitter if you want to follow me there, that would be awesome! I'm still trying to get the hang of it..I'm not quite there yet!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chicken Ranch and Rice soup

Last week I thought I was getting a cold. I felt sniffly, I felt run down, and there was one day where my stomach was just rebelling terribly. I needed something warm and comforting. I needed soup. I wish I could take credit for this..but I can't. It's a Picky Palate recipe. She's a genius. Get her original recipe HERE. I wish I took the time to do measured out recipes...but unless I'm baking, I don't. So if you jive on measures...go to her every time. But if you are a 'throw it in the pot' person like I am use her's as a guide like I did. Here is how I did it, with my own little Suzy-isms to make it my own.
Onion, carrot, and celery in a little olive oil in a big soup pot. For me it was 1 onion (diced), about 3 carrots (peeled and diced) and about 4 thin pieces of celery (diced).
For my chicken, I just thawed and pan fried (w/pepper and granulated garlic) about 7 chicken breast tenders, then I let them cool and chopped them up and set them to the side. My rice was leftover from when I cooked it a few days prior, and where it was 1 cup dry (originally) I'd used a little was a guesstimate on how much rice there was in there.
I'm also guessing on how much broth I put in. I had 1/2 a box (which when I poured into my measuring cup was about 2 1/4 cups) and then I made another 4 cups with hot water and 5 chicken bouillion cubes. *shrugs*. Note to self...don't go home and make soup unless you know you have broth!
I don't keep dijon mustard, but I keep spicy brown. So I used that. I also used probably double the amount of HV Ranch powder...and the 'optional' hot sauce..I used and doubled.
SO good. So comforting. Just what I needed. It made a ton, so I even have a good sized container to pop in the freezer for later. I love it when it works out that way!

Monday, June 14, 2010

B is for Beans

I'm at work and I didn't take a picture of my this post is sans photos..sorry! I want to talk about beans. I grew up with what we call "Soup" beans. It's not until I'm in year 5 of marriage that I finally have mastered cooking them as well as my parents do. Even Husband can cook them now too! Super simple- Bag of pinto beans into a pot of water, bring to a bowl, strain, put back in the bowl, cover with water, toss in a ham hock and let go on low for hours (adding water as needed). My favorite way to eat a bowl of beans is with chopped onion and hamburger meat. My Dad loves to eat them the way I do, but adds cornbread. My Mom doesn't like raw onions, so she just does meat and cornbread. I could have probably figured out the 'recipe' years ago..but I JUST converted Husband to soup beans about 6 months ago. Husband eats them more dry, and less soupy-with hamburger, onions, and mustard. Today for lunch I didn't have hamburger or onions...but I did manage to squeeze out about 7 mustard packages and add some black pepper. Beans are SERIOUSLY healthy. Fiber, protein, lots of good for you stuff! So eating the bowl of beans doesn't make me feel as guilty as eating a big ol' cheeseburger. Here is a great link on the nutritional breakdown of Pinto beans that I found really interesting! Notice that it's like 53% of your daily tryptophan? I'd love to take a nap....blame it on the beans! And the toddler..and the infant! Again, sorry for no picture! However tonight, Bean Burritos and there WILL be pictures of that! more bag of Pintos is like 2 cups (and super inexpensive) and makes a TON. So you'll have plently of leftovers. Husband and I both had big bowls last night for dinner, both took it for lunch today, and I'm incorporating it into dinner..and we've STILL got enough for tomorrow's lunch. So it's not just black beans in a salad or a burrito, or white beans in a chicken chili...go for a whole bowl! Healthy and....entertaining... *sings* Beans, beans, the magical fruit!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Favorite food day..

Yesterday..everything I had was insanely good. And yes, I know it's terribly egotistical to heavily compliment my own stuff..but I was just so dang proud of everything! Not esp proud of the amount I consumed..but still! It started out with a favorite so far..I know, I know..I say that EACH time I come up with a new one..but this one was awesome! Baby spinach + frozen banana (those are my standard things that won't change from now on) Then a scoop of Amazing Grass (I'm still on the fence taste wise, but it's really good for you.) that I disolved in 12 oz of hot coffee (I'm so in love with my Keurig!) and a large spoonful of Nutella. Notice that the cup is almost empty? It's because I couldn't help but CHUG this thing! If I hadn't have been scared at what the excess caffeine and double dose of spinach would do to my stomach, I would have made another and more than likely drank it JUST as quickly! But let's talk about dinner a little bit... Once upon a time I lived in TX. East TX, where winter lasts a day, where the southern accents resonate through the magnolias, and where TRUE beef brisket lives. TX is the brisket capital. And ok...I live close to KC, MO where people hail the BBQ...but my heart with ALWAYS belong to TX when it comes to BBQ. So...with that being said I'm terribly disappointed with most of the brisket I try around KC. It's sad but true! I mean when you were raised with the best, the standards are high! I also am/was terrified to try to cook my own! But last week at the grocery I decided I'd try it. I bought the smallest brisket I could find (trimmed) and only spent like $8 on it. I asked coworkers about cooking, and I'd watched a couple shows on Food Network, so I had a general idea of what I wanted to do. I put steak dust all over it and let it sit in the fridge for a night. Then yesterday morning I added some water, granulated garlic, black pepper, and liquid smoke-covered it with foil and let it go at 200 for about 4 hours, then 250 for about 5 hours. I took the 'juice' from the bottom of the pan, strained it into a saucepan and added some brown sugar, ketchup, and apple cider vinegar and let it go for a little bit. And I couldn't very well have this brisket w/out another southern favorite of I cooked new red potatoes with fresh green beans and an onion in a little bit of water and a lotta bit of lard (you have to, really). This goes into my Top Ten of BEST MEALS I've ever made. I have to giggle a little b/c the portion on the plate looks don't see that I was eating out of the pans before actual 'sit down dinnertime'. *snickers* I had to have something sweet I made Angie's Honey Bun's eyerolling good!!
The only thing that is left today is a tiny piece of cake...sad really. But it was all SO good.
My Mother in law (the family was over for dinner last night) hates to cook and wants to pay me for groceries and to make them dinner at least a couple nights a week now...I 'guess' you can call that a catering gig right? Helps her out b/c she HATES to cook....but she loves the stuff I make!
Also..I had a couple other things that I'd made this week that should have been posted before this...but I couldn't wait. :) I'll post the others later!
Happy Friday! Today is more putting laundry away and trying to wrangle the 2 year old..I had a GM for breakfast (This time with honey almond yogurt and coffee+ag)..not sure what is for lunch and dinner, but doubtful that it will top yesterday's meal!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Italian, I guess...

1-Don't judge me that we eat on styrofoam. 2-Sorry I don't have a 'real' title... This 'stuff' was good. Alot of cooking I do is very last second. When you are chasing a toddler around, working part time, AND have an infant...exhaustion is the word. But since I've got this stupid desire to be all Donna Reed and have a nice dinner prepared for my Husband nightly..even when I'm the walking dead, I usually pull out something good. And this was good. In it: Sweet Italian Turkey sausage (our new obsession is Turkey sausage!) sliced cremini mushrooms (1/2 a package) sliced onion (1 full) 2 handfulls of baby spinach 1 medium zucchini sliced some olive oil a large can of crushed tomato bag of tri color cheese tortellini (from the freezer section) salt, pepper, granulated garlic, a little sugar, and some italian seasoning. parmesean cheese for garnish and goodness Order in the big saute pan? oil->onions->sausage->mushrooms/zuccs then spinach and wilt that down (meanwhile boil your tortellini) add can of tomatoes and seasonings once tortellini are done (2-3 minutes b/c I bought the precooked kind) toss in the pan with the 'sauce' Plate up and grate some cheese over it! This made a HUGE amount for us...we both (Husband and myself) took it to work the next day AND had ANOTHER bowl as well! A note on Turkey sausage..again..our new obsession. A few years ago I tried my hand at a turkey meatloaf and it was T-errible. Yes, capital T terrible. So Husband has nixed any aspiration of turkey again..unless it's the deli kind or the roasted kind on holidays. But I snuck two packs of the sausages into the cart and didn't look back. The first pack was a Roasted poblano turkey sausage..I took it out of the casing and browned it up with a little (and I do mean little) taco seasoning and we had soft tacos...SO good! I think what we're loving about the turkey is we don't get that heavy feeling, that greasy pull down after we eat it. We'll be stocking up the freezer! Last night's dinner was really good too..but my camera battery was dead so no picture...but it was chicken sandwiches...boring right? Nooooo. VERY good. I seasoned chicken breast tenders with granulated garlic and black pepper and browned them in a pan with a little olive oil and once they cooked I cut them up. Some 'homemade' ranch-HV powder, buttermilk, mayo, some lemon zest and juice. Cremini mushrooms that I cooked in butter..I actually let them go a little bit over and they were a little crispy (heaven!). Sliced onions, sliced tomatoes..all piled up on a whole wheat hamburger bun. I could eat another right now...for breakfast. Alright...on to tackle the day...I've got three bags of clementines that are quickly approaching 'past' their prime that I'm gonna peel and juice, tons of laundry and housework..oh and a brisket in the oven! I've never cooked brisket and it's one of my all time favorite things. I'm crossing my fingers that it turns out good! I'll let you know!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Honey Mustard chicken

Just looks like a yellow mess right? Well it's a yummy mess! And SUPER easy to make. 6-8 chicken breast tenders (thawed) 1/2 cup honey 1/2 cup spicy brown mustard lemon pepper Colby Jack cheese Bacon bits Oven at 400- sprinkle the chicken with lemon pepper, then put into baking dish. Combine mustard and honey, pour over chicken-bake for about 25-30 minutes. Then top with some cheese (I had shredded colby jack so that is what I used) and bacon bits. I served mine over rice, but this would be good with noodles too. Yum!