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Half a hog

We recently purchased half a hog. I'll just let that soak in for people who might think it's strange... It was Husband's idea, and admittedly not a 'bad' one. Other than the fact that I have NO room for anything else in my freezer right now. It's full of 23lbs of sausage, 15lbs of bacon, ribs, tenderloins, ham roasts, and pork fish (wth right? I have no clue either). This weekend when we were trying to figure out what to eat, we both concluded that it should probably be pork.
source True right? Well..unless you are adverse to pork, which we aren't. The 3 ham roasts take up the most space in the freezer, so I decided to take one on. However, even though I love ham..I'm not very experienced with it. Deli ham, Christmas/Easter ham, Granny's ham salad (which isn't even ham, it's bologna)..I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. So I called up my Dad and he told me to just cook it like a roast, b/c it IS a roast. And I found out he was right…

Brazilian Lemonade

SO refreshing...such is a vanity shot...and yes that is a HUGE lime.
But this-
 Yeah..that's how most of my drinks end up. In my cup with my tastes the same whatever it's in..but this glass is WAY more practical for me!
Hubby and I LOVE Fogo De Chao it's up there as probably the #1 fancy restaurant right's a Brazilian place and they have this amazing lemonade. Thing is's not 'lemon''s lime. I love it so much that I really don't care what they call long as they keep making it. And now thanks to a new blog I found -I can make it at home!

Brazilian Lemonade
1 lime, cut into eight pieces
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk
1 cup of ice
1 cup of water
3/4 cup of lemon-lime beverage

Take your first 5 ingredients, put them in a blender and blend ( I got until I can't hear any ice)-then strain the mixture into a measuring cup to remove the rind.
Now the original…

BEST ever-Chewy Sugar Cookies

I've long been on the quest for (in my mind) the "perfect" sugar cookie. Not crispy, but not powdery soft. Substantial but not heavy...and slathered in frosting doesn't hurt either. Since I'm so often disappointed in sugar cookies, I've shied away. Since I have no patience, I assumed to get that 'perfect' cookie you'd have to chill, and roll, and blah-blah-blah.
But a couple weeks ago I was watching PBS and one of my favorite cooking shows came on...sorry Food Network..I love you, but PBS..well it's awesome. *pushes glasses up on nose and adjusts pocket protector* America's Test Kitchen..I LOVE it! They've got teams of chefs that really break down a recipe and try it a zillion different ways, then they give you the recipe for which way turned out best for them. This chewy sugar cookie does NOT disappoint. Ah..and does NOT need to be put in the fridge or creaming fact I didn't even use my mixer. Just my G…

Giveaway! Fiber One 90 calorie brownies

Brownies with ONLY 3g of fat, 90 calories, AND Fiber. Most important to me though? They taste FANTASTIC! There is no way I would ever think these babies only had 90 calories!
My husband is a bit of a fiber bar junkie. He eats at least 2 a day. I know right? He likes them b/c they fill him up at work, they are quick to eat, and hello...fiber. So when we got these in the mail...I knew I'd have to hide at least ONE box! Unfortunately..the kids found it and inhaled a few themselves....that's right..even my kids (3 and 1) LOVE these brownies!

 AND...that's right...the winner of this giveaway gets EVERYTHING pictured above! I got my goodies courtesy of MyBlogSpark! And you can too!
I'll pick the winner by random Saturday morning (the 25th of June). Make sure I have your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner!
Mandatory entry: How do you make sure you get enough fiber in your diet?? My answer: Beans...lots of beans!
Additional entries (not required)- Like Suzy…

Triple Citrus Cupcakes

I'm all for giving credit where credit is due. And I know I've linked to her before here on Cuptin...but you all need to know...CB, well...she's my Cupcake Idol. My Cupcake Master. My Cupcake Martha. I think I just heard CB gasp all the way here in MO from CA. There...I said it. I'm not kidding. When I need a cupcake recipe...I'll flip through cookbooks first, and I might think about making one out of the book. But when push comes to shove...I check and see what kind of recipes CB has. True. Her red velvet...ROCKS my Husband's world. Her snickerdoodle cupcakes are requested again and again by my Ma and Brother. So a coworker of my husband asked me to make cupcakes for her daughter's 30th. And she asked for just vanilla and chocolate. Easy peasy. I'm all about trying to give fresh I didn't bake them straight away...and she called last night and asked if she could change the order. Her daughter decided she wanted lemon. I lurve lemon. An…

Two layer Sprite jello

See those lovely layers? Sheesh..I should have made this for St. Pat's day!
I pull ALOT of inspiration from other blogs. Each time I think I have an original idea...I search it and there ya go..10 blogs that have had the SAME idea...and MUCH better pictures than I have! *sigh*
A month or so ago...I found a Jello GENIUS. And her blog gave me the idea for this nummy jello treat!
Two layer Sprite jello
1 sm package lemon jello
1 sm package lime jello
1 container Cool Whip
1 1/2 cups boiling water
1 cup sprite
8x8 pan

Add jello packets to the boiling water, whisk to dissolve. Add Sprite, add Cool Whip-and whisk until combined. The mix will be cloudy. It's supposed to look like that. Then magically when you pour it in a pan and put it in the will separate!

It's cool, it's creamy, it's tart and's Jello...but amped up a bit!

Kitchen Sink Chicken Salad

Let's talk about chicken salad for a minute. Growing up I had chicken salad one way, and one way only. Canned chicken + miracle whip (alot of it)-the end. And I had/have no problem with that. When I was a teenager and worked with a lady to moonlighted (moonlit?) at a sandwich shop and was told of crazy things like grapes and apples being in chicken salad...I thought she was insane. Then I tried it. Wow. Not that I don't love my Ma's chicken salad...but the different textures really worked so well!
I had baked some chicken for dinner, and we hadn't eaten all of it-so I decided to give it a go..and I put EVERYTHING I could think of in it. Well..not EVERYTHING...but close to....
Baked chicken breasts (that I baked with salt,pepper, and granulated garlic)
Lemon pepper
Walnuts (chopped)
Dried berry blend (SO good..has dried sweet cherries, tart cherries, blueberries, cranberries and strawberries)
A Braeburn apple
Some celery
A couple jalapenos (seeded and diced finely)
A c…