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Pretzel Bottomed Oatmeal Scotchie Bars

Here's the thing about cookies. When someone asks me "what's your favorite kind of cookie?" I'm always torn between my two lovers. There's my locally manufactured Mennonite Chocolate Crinkle Cookie that I buy because I can't duplicate (I've tried, trust me). But right there next to it, vying for (and sometimes taking) top spot, is the Oatmeal Scotchie. It's an Oatmeal cookie, with Butterscotch chips. And for someone that isn't a big Butterscotch fan (the disks? *gags*), it's a suprise that I'm so in love with that cookie. In fact my Dad's "you just had a baby, let's feed you" present to me in the hospital when I had my kids (both times) was a big container of fresh Oatmeal Scotchies.
So the other day I'm trolling around on Pinterest and come across a recipe that would not be denied.
It's way easier than the actual cookie recipe, no pesky creaming of butters and sugars, because you throw these bad boys togeth…

Cook at Home

I don't have a fancy recipe for this. It's a steak and some shrimp.
It wasn't anything complicated.
It hit the spot for a good steak meal.
What I want to share with you is budget related.
You know it's cheaper to cook at home. I don't think that is news to you.
I let the steak hang out in the seasoning for about a half hour, I thawed the shrimp and even though they were precooked I put them on the grill after I took off the steaks to let them rest, then I tossed them in some butter.

Let me break down last nights dinner for you-
Beef tenderloin (there were actually two of those steaks/4 filets) $26
Packet of steak seasoning (Black Peppercorn)- 86 cents
Bag of precooked shrimp that I only used about a 1/4 of-9 $8.99 for the WHOLE bag
1/4 stick of butter out of a lb package that I snagged at 1.99 (about 12 cents worth of butter)
Oh, and not pictured the GIGANTIC twice baked stuffed potatoes that my husband bought, EACH one was 12oz. 1.99 each, let's say we used a…

Country Pot Pie and a Giveaway!

I can't resist a good giveaway and couldn't resist actually making something new for a change..we've discussed my rut lately... and the New Progresso Recipe Starters...great thing to get me back into the kitchen and get cooking again! I know I've said it before over a dry piece of chicken or a bland roast..I wish I had some sort of sauce to go with it, to make this better..but sauces can be a hassle. These sauces are anything but! Super quick and super tasty! Check out this Pot Pie? technically it isn't in pie shape, nor did I use pie crust..but for all intents and's pot pie! Also, I'm kind of a pot pie snob...I grew up having to eat the freezer section ones and I get kind of sad when I hear about people who still eat them by choice. But then again, I still eat ramen noodles...moving on to the recipe!

Nice and creamy (thanks to the Recipe Starters Creamy Roasted Garlic) was a really, really good dinner! It tastes basically just like…