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Cabbage Confetti

This is not rice. Nope. Looks like it..but isn't.
It's not cauliflower either in case you might be thinking it is...
Say what?!
I got on this kick of roasting cabbage. Because you see cabbage and I aren't huge buddies. I like it kraut style..and even then it has to be in small amounts. But then I started chopping it up and roasting it..and I LOVE it.
But Hubby likes it all sorts of ways. Including boiled to death and slimy as sh.....shomething slimy. *Gags*
So the other day I'm working..subbin' at the school..and Ma is watching the kids and she texts me:
Ma: dinner?
which is Ma speak for 'do you want me to make something b/c you are working and didn't put anything in a crockpot b/f you left'
Suze: Ck in the freezer, cabbage in the fridge
Ma: baked how? cabbage what?
Ma is not a friend of cabbage either (still not)
Suze: DKG style chicken, cut up cabbage in semi small pieces, I'll roast it when I get home.
Ma: K.

For the record…